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Morality Table
Character Strength Weakness Value
Sinek Compassion Fear 61
Turic Mehetac Mercy Obstinate 53

Sinek – Compassion and Fear

It is Sinek’s emotional strength that creates his weakness. He cares about the tribulations others face, and wants to help those he comes across. His compassion may lead to self sacrifice in order to aid those who need it. However, the line between caution and fear is a thin one. Sometimes the character spends too much time concerned about the potential problems of a situation to act in that situation at all. At other times, his caution causes him to flee when danger presents itself, though bolder action might reap real rewards. Primarily, Sinek fears loss – though he may act as though he is concerned for the well being of others (and he is), he ultimately fears the loss he will again face if they meet their demise.


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