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“No disintegration!”


  • Stimpacks are only used as temporary healing – and can cause strain when being over used.
    • First, a character can only benefit from a stimpack use once per encounter. Once the stimulants are in the bloodstream, there is no further benefit to adding more.
    • When using a stimpack, if you fail an Easy () medical check, the receiver takes 2 strain.
      • The difficulty increases by each time a stimpack is used on them throughout the day.
    • At the end of each scene, the character healed can roll a Simple Resilience check. The character retains wounds healed up to the amount of Successes () and loses the rest.
    • All of the same restrictions apply to the droids Emergency Repair Patch. Because combat is not as common in our games, this will help keep those with healing skills and abilities more relevant, and prevent the party from just brute forcing fights with stimpacks.

Hyperspace Navigation

  • An x1 Hyperdrive takes 1 day to cross 1 grid square from the galaxy map online. Higher class hyperdrives are slower, and multiply this travel time by the class number. Default Astrogation difficulty is Easy () with the following adjustments:
Hyperspace Navigation Difficulty
Circumstance Adjustment
Each Additional Grid +
Going to a Major Planet
Following a major route for the entirety of the trip-leg:
There is no hyperspace route to the planet on the map: +
Damaged or missing astromech droid or navicomputer: +
Quick calculations / while under duress: +
Ship is lightly damaged: +
Ship is heavily damaged: +
Outdated or corrupt navigation charts or navicomputer data: +

Destiny Points

  • Only one Destiny Point can be used per roll.


  • Hiding behind cover while performing other actions increases Defense by 1 (instead of setting Defense to 1) against attacks where the cover intercedes your attacker.
  • Hiding behind cover while not performing any action other than hiding increases Defense by 2 against attacks where the cover intercedes your attacker.
  • Depending on the level of cover, this could be reduced or even make attacks against you impossible. These can be modified by the narrative but this is a general baseline.

Setback Removals

  • If there are no Setback () dice on a roll, the player can opt to trade two "remove Setback ()" for one Boost () dice

Morality, Duty, and Obligation

  • All three of these may be present at different times. Morality will only be assigned to Force Sensitive characters. The entire party will earn Duty together as they assist the Rebellion. Obligation will be earned individually based on the narrative.


  • Lightsabers will follow the rules presented in Force and Destiny – the ones in Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire are presented as ancient relics and are too powerful for the average group.
  • When crafting and modifying Lightsabers, the Lore skill may be used in place of Mechanics.

Knocked Out

  • RAW, when you hit zero wounds or strain you are knocked unconscious. This is just poor wording. In effect, when you hit zero wounds or strain you will be taken out of the fight. How you are taken out will depend on the narrative.

Jury Rigged

  • The Jury Rigged talent can decrease the Advantage cost of any “single” effect by one to a minimum of one. For effects that could be activated multiple times, like Auto-fire, we interpret this to mean the reduction applies only to one (“single”) activation.

House Rules

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