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Starting Characters

While the rules set forth in the book provide a good baseline, I like more narrative freedom in my games. As such we’ll be loosening some restrictions. Characters will be created using the rules provided in the Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook with the following exceptions:

  • You may select races, classes, and specializations from any of the three core rule books. These are just mechanics that affect roles and abilities, and don’t actually represent what your character is in the world.
  • During this era, Force Sensitives are extremely rare. The few remaining Jedi are hunted by Darth Vader and the Emperor’s Inquisitors and the Imperial Security Bureau investigates reports of other force sensitives throughout the galaxy. To ensure this flavor remains intact, only 1 character in the party may be a force sensitive. We will figure out as a group who wants to / gets to do this.
  • There is no EXP penalty for training cross class skills. They are trained at the same rate as class skills.
  • You cannot purchase an additional specialization by spending EXP to do so. Instead, you must train to rank 1 in at least 2 skills belonging to that specialization. Note that while this may open up several specializations to you, you will weaken your character in the long run if you spread your talents too thinly between them. You are considered to have the specialization when you have trained in at least one of it’s talents.
  • Races are flexible. Re-skinning is definitely an option – I do not want you to play a human because of the stats available, I want you to play a human because the character in your mind is a human. If you’d like to change racial stats/abilities for a race for your character, get with me and we will work out something.
  • All characters will have a Duty rating as explained in Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook.
  • You may choose an obligation if you wish, this is optional.
  • The Force Sensitive player will also have a morality rating, as described in Force and Destiny Core Rulebook.
  • You may only receive bonus starting XP or Credits from one of Duty, Obligation, or Morality.


  • EXP will be rewarded at a rate of ~5XP per hour. Extra EXP will be rewarded for various in game successes and writing backstories, interludes, session recaps – basically anything you contribute to the game.
  • To gain ranks in a skill you do not possess, you must have either attempted to use it untrained during the course of play or write an explanation of how you learned it.
  • You may be awarded Duty and/or Obligation during the course of play.

Character Creation

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