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Vanqor Statistics
Region Sector System Grid Coordinates
Outer Rim Territories Sertar Sector Uziel System R-5
Suns Moons Day Cycle Year Cycle
1 2 25 Hours 410 Days
Vanqor Rarities
Item Type Modifier
Drug +0
Weapons +1
Other +2

Vanqor is the largest planet in the Uziel system. It is located about 6 parsecs away from Florrum. The planet has 2 moons, and a mostly human population – though populations are scattered. The landscape is primarily deserts, canyons, and highlands. Notable fauna include Gundarks. Note: The Sertar Sector and the Uziel System are not labeled on most galaxy maps. They can be found in sector R-5, not far off the Shaltin Tunnels – a minor hyperspace lane linked to the Perlimian Trade Route, near the Tingel Arm.

Notable Locations


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