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Here is a listing of the notable equipment carried by your Rebel Troopers.

Bulk Equipment
Qty Item
7 A280 Blaster Rifle
19 DH-17 Blaster Pistol
3 Flight Suits
5 Heavy Militia Uniform
17 Militia Uniform
3 E-11 Blaster Rifle
6 TIE Pilot Uniform
2250 Field Rations
5 Stormtrooper Armor
2 Imperial Trooper Uniform
4 Clone Trooper Armor Phase II
Schematic MRW-32 Prototype


4/30 – Traded 3 A280 Blaster Rifles for a new blaster pistol for Nerfherder.
1/24 – Added 4 suits of Clone Trooper Armor found in the Engineering Bay, removed 3 E-11s requisitioned by the party.
1/28 – Added 4 sets of storm trooper armor, added E-11s then the party sold 12. Added 2 sets heavy Militia Uniforms.

Trooper Equipment

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