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endurance.pngThe Endurance on the day of its crash to Vanqor

The Endurance was a Venator-class Star Destroyer that was active during the Clone Wars. It was wrecked and left on Vanqor where it was later scavenged of almost all useful items by locals. Since most anything of value had already been taken, its been long since abandoned, until a small cell of Rebels decided to call it home.

The abandoned halls of the Endurance


As a home base, the Endurance works well for you. While the both of the bridges were destroyed with explosives, the command post overlooking the docking bay remains mostly intact. This has become the de facto command center for the base. There are currently makeshift ladders leading from one floor to the next to circumvent hallways filled with clutter and downed structure. The ship has been thoroughly scavenged already – having crashed here over 15 years ago. Nevertheless, you spent the first week or so picking through the rubble to see what you could find.

The restored and repurposed command center


It was fairly thoroughly stripped of fuel but you have managed to route power from the nearby town of Roilia. Basic systems have been mostly restored – lighting, blast door operation, lift operation (some are still intact enough to use). Of course, many of these things are physically damaged so controls and power don’t matter, but its workable, for the most part, currently.

Update: The party has restored 4 auxiliary power cores, significantly reducing the power draw from Roilia.


The base’s hull was badly damaged in the crash, and apparently space battle that went along with it. But much of the armored layers are still intact, granting superb protection from most planetary weapons sources. On a personal scale, there were several sets of old clone trooper armor, but they are all damaged. It’s possible but unlikely that any would even be worth repairing, even if you could.


As for weapons, all of the destroyers attached weapons were destroyed with the reactor core was overloaded. The ensuing explosions detonated munitions and none survived. Personal scale weapons are scattered about numerous DC-15A blaster rifles. All of the undamaged ones seems to have already been looted, but you could use pieces of damaged ones to piece together a few if you needed to.


The ships sensor array was damaged but it doesn’t look irreparable. Currently the system is functioning but only at a Personal (Long) range scale – enough to pick up something after its already within eyesight, but it’s still helpful due to the overwhelming size of the base. The sensors could likely be restored to full functionality by replacing the damaged sensor array dishes – there is one on the fore and one on the aft, both severely damaged.

Update: The sensors have been routed into the main computer systems, allowing control from the command bridge. New sensor array dishes are still required to improve their reliability and range.


The shield generators could be repaired with a few standard parts, but the resulting power draw would likely kill power to the nearby town you’re drawing power from. Since the reactor core of the ship is damaged beyond repair, you won’t be able to get power from anywhere else.


The ships intercom system is mostly intact, of course some part of the ship can no longer be reached but if you need to reconnect an area the repair will depend more on accessibility than technical problem. As long as you can reach it, it should be fairly simple to fix.

Update: The repairs of the Inter-com systems are coming along well. Though not yet complete, most areas of the ship that are regularly frequented are in communication.

System Communications

Local comm systems were damaged but not severely. Currently they function but there is a lot of static on the audio. Because it seems to occur from all terminals you’ve accessed thus far, its likely a noise issue at the central comm relay. Unfortunately blast doors to that maintenance room are sealed and thus far you’ve had no luck in slicing your way in. You are able to access the Holo-net through local Holo-net bouys in orbit around the planet with this system – but beware, Holo-net communications can be monitored by the Empire.

Update: The comm systems have been accessed, and the interference (local EMI) has been cleared.

Hyperwave Communications

The hyperwave comm systems were severely damaged. Both hyperwave comm scanners were mounted on the bridges and thus virtually destroyed during the crash. Most hyperwave terminals are still functioning but a new scanner will need to be installed for them to be able to send or receive any signal.

Update: The party stole a hyperwave transceiver from the empire and jury rigged it into the ship’s systems. It is now functioning, although at a low quality throughput.


The barracks were not severely damaged in the crash – there are many lockboxes and beds that lead for comfortable and private sleeping areas. Of course, the lockboxes contained little of value as the clone troopers had no possessions aside from what they acquired in battle, and most of that was already looted or taken when the ship was evacuated prior to its crash.


The mess hall still functions – after clearing out loads of rotted food the kitchen is serviceable aside from a few broken food coolers and stoves. Enough still work to keep a small group fed with no problem.

Medical Bays

While medical bays didn’t suffer much damage in the actual wreck they were stripped quite thoroughly by looters. Even entire bacta tanks seemed to have been removed. Much diagnostic and monitoring equipment is still around, but it looks like power has been cut to the wing in the wreck. That will need to be repaired before the equipment can be tested.

Hangar Bays

In the hangar bays, anything that could fly is long gone. Almost all that was left was destroyed beyond recognition. One LAAT/i seems to have survived mostly intact – in a hangar that nobody had been able to get open previously. Though it’s not capable of any sustained flight, you have determined you could get it working with a bit of effort. Several bays are still in serviceable enough condition that several small fighters and maybe even a freighter or two could be stored here and kept out of sight.


Update: Engineering has been accessed. A machine shop and factory are both functional, although the factory is not currently producing anything.


Additionally there are still several blast doors that are sealed that you have not been able to (or had a chance to) search through yet. Due to the ship not having power until recently, you suspect that many of them contain unlooted rooms that other salvagers were not able to find alternate access to, so there may be much more in here still.

The Endurance

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