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Obligation Table
Roll Player Obligation Value
1-10 BX-FX42 Bounty 10
11-20 Morian Wanted 10
21-25 Group Disruptors 5
26-27 Group Speeder 2
21-25 Turic Mehetac Responsibility 10
Inactive Players
Roll Player Obligation Value
Wrath Bounty 10


Group – Disruptors

The group is in possession of highly illegal disruptor weapons. If spotted, it could cause trouble from anybody who disagrees with their use.

Group – Speeder

The speeder recovered from the bounty hunters who attacked BX on the Endurance was rented locally. The owners may come looking.

Sinek – Addiction

Sinek is an alcoholic. He devotes a lot of time, energy, and resources to pursuing or obtaining the object of his addiction. Avoiding this Obligation has an almost immediate result-withdrawal. The exact nature depends on the addiction, but the character finds it increasingly difficult to concentrate on even mundane tasks, often reflected in the GM adding anywhere from 1-3 setbacks to skill checks.

Sinek Bought off hIs Obligation

BX-FX42 – Bounty

Because of his discovery of the construction of a secret imperial super weapon, BX has a bounty placed on his head by the empire. Bounty Hunters and Imperials are on the lookout for him.

Wrath – Bounty

After rescuing Ironpaw from his captivity, a bounty was placed on Wrath by the Kajidic of Gardula?? the Hutt.

Maro -

Maro Bought off his Obligation

Morian – Wanted

Morian is wanted by the Inquisitors for her knowledge of Jedi and Sith sites.


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