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Duty Table
Roll Player Duty Value
1- 15 Sinek Support 0
BX-FX42 Resource Acquisition 15
Spacer Combat Victory 15
Ironpaw 0
Maro Tech Acquisition 25
Crishaliah Resource Aquisition 0
Morian Truth Seeker 0
Cyndi 0
Enife 0
Kire 0
Turic Mehetac Political Support 0
Rank: Role Total:
2 Endurance Cell – Sertar Sector 0
Inactive Characters
Roll Player Duty Value
Wrath 0


Sinek – Support

Sinek seeks to help the people in the Rebellion more-so than furthering the rebellion itself. He will do whatever he can to support them physically or emotionally. Individually, the lone agents of the Alliance don’t stand a chance against the combined might of the Galactic Empire. Only by working together can they hope to achieve a victory in this civil war. This PC is devoted to helping fellow Rebels fulfill their Duties by providing whatever assistance they need. Although he might not get the same amount of reward or recognition as the people he is helping, the PC has many more opportunities than his fellows to fulfill his Duty to the Rebellion.

BX-FX42 – Resource Aquisition

There are never enough supplies to fully support those fighting against the juggernaut that is the Empire, and this PC knows it very well. He is determined to seek out new sources of raw materials, food, clothing, weapons, armor, and equipment of all kinds. One spare crate of medpacs can save quite a few lives, and a handful of comlinks can mean the difference between success and failure on a mission. BX-FX42 will trade, beg, borrow, and steal anything for the cause.

Spacer -

Ironpaw -

Todd -


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