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This Low Altitude Assault Transport was found while searching through the wreckage of The Endurance. It’s in pretty bad shape but it starts…for a bit. The main problem seems to be a damaged fuel cell injector, preventing the craft from burning enough fuel to reach speeds more than a few kilometers per hour or reach a height of more than a couple of meters off the ground. This effectively grounds the vehicle until that is repaired.

  • While salvaging missiles from the craft, someone who came along before you broke the belt chain for the left missile tube. Until that chain is fixed, missiles cannot be loaded into the tube.
  • Several computer systems were highly damaged during the crash as well, and while they still function they are at reduced processing capacity. Add to all checks for navigation, piloting, and gunnery until repaired.
  • The ladder leading to the pilot cockpit also jams. There is an Easy () Athletics check to enter or exit the primary cockpit in a hurry.
  • The remaining damage appears to be cosmetic, but the verdict is still out on whether or not the interior is still vacuum sealed.



Salvaged LAAT/i

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