Party's YT-2000





The cockpit seats 4, but only two have access to controls – one primary pilot and a co-pilot/engineer.


This data terminal is functional, and is capable of controlling the ships sensors and comms – a duty normally handled by the pilot or co-pilot.

Crew Quarters

These tight quarters house six bunk-beds. Beneath the bottom bunk are two slide out drawers for storing personal belongings.


The lounge is little more than a bench encircling the table. The table is capable of displaying several holo-games, and there are bins above the table containing card decks for Sabacc, Pazakk, etc.


Ceiling Hatch

This hatch leads to the roof of the ship in case emergency repairs are needed. There is an airlock large enough to fit a single human at a time comfortably…or a single wookie uncomfortably. It is accessed via a retracting ladder.


Used for station docking, the airlock is wide enough to accommodate most moderately sized cargo.

Waste Storage

In here resides a recycler and compactor capable of disposing of most waste. Part of most docking fees includes disposal of what waste is unsafe to jettison in space.

Escape Pod

This escape pod seats a pilot and 6 passengers. It is capable of rudimentary autopilot, and can trigger a distress beacon as well. Life support systems can keep the atmosphere oxygenated for about 1 day with 7 humans inside.

Naquadah Hypermatter Injector

This is the system that injects hypermatter fuel into the engines. It is a common point of failure and thus made easily accessible.

Sublight Drive

The ships main engine console.


The ships hyperdrive engine.


This room seems to have been set up as an armory – several racks are set up to house weaponry, though the Empire appears to have stripped them bare before putting the ship into impound. All that remains are a handful of breather masks.


Again, the waste is emptied when docked – or jettisoned in space.



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